Whitepaper Last updated: 2022-02-01

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller


There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. As the world evolves, as technology improves we see great opportunities to succeed. By the introduction of cryptocurrency we have heard a lot of life changing stories but a majority of people were left out not knowing what they have been missing out on. Shibafam is the Prodigy of Shiba Inu, a 100% Community driven Crypto token on a mission to the moon.

A Decentralized Future.

Centralized authority figures will be a thing of the past. As Decentralized technology brings more safety and security to the overall Financial structure, it is time to rethink investment decisions.

Community is the Key.

A community is held together by hundreds if not thousands of interconnected moments. By studying those who are drawn towards our project, we realized that the true power doesn't come from a single perspective. It comes from working together in harmony.

Why Decentralizaton?

We are standing at a pivotal moment in innovation. Until now, centralization has been a prerequisite for all of our official structures. Political, educational, and financial systems are, and have always been, crafted in a way that does not equally and ethically distribute power to those functioning within them. There may have been times in history where this sort of internal configuration played an important role, but in an age with the information of the world available at the click of a button, it's time to rethink.

2021 opened our eyes to how little control the average person has in the face of these overarching, generational structures when GameStop and AMC stock value exploded seemingly overnight. WallStreetBets tested the waters of what it would look like to disperse control to consumers and inexperienced investors alike. It was inspiring, but it didn't last long. Just when the movement seemed to be on the brink of success, it was throttled by the bureaucracy of our centralized society. However, not before this concept of a new power among the people took root. Months before any of these events made international news, Cryptocurrency itself comes from the idea of disrupting routine and redefining how wealth can be acquired, which goes against traditional processes by its very nature. And yet, most, if not all, cryptocurrencies function within a system of enforceable rules. It's easy to see when we look back at cases like the SEC's win over the Kin Ecosystem (a centralized authority), or when we consider how the Binance Smart Chain seems to use centralized authority to offer "benefits" over their decentralized partnerships.

In the ever-shifting economic landscape, cryptocurrencies which do not take their independence into their own hands struggle with a tenuous existence. When the rules of the game are changed against their favor, they have no option but to comply; regardless of the consequences.

But not Shibafam.

Shibafam Specifications, Ecosystem and Tokenomics


  • Token Name: Shibafam
  • Token Symbol: $SHFM
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Protocol: BEP20
  • Total Supply: 5 Quadrillion
  • Locked Supply: 500 Trillion
  • Marketing: 500 Trillion
  • Liquidity Mining: 1.5 Quadrillion
  • Presale: 2.5 Quadrillion


  • Shibfam Staking Pool
  • Shibfam NFT Collection with Native Marketplace


4% Taxes on Buy
  • 1% Added to Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap
  • 1% Added to Treassury Wallet
  • 1% Added to Buyback Wallet
  • 1% Added to Marketing
8% Taxes on Sell
  • 1% Added to Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap
  • 5% Added to Treassury Wallet
  • 1% Added to Buyback Wallet
  • 1% Added to Marketing

Tokenomics Explained

In his famous investment book, Margin of Safety, value investing legend Seth Klarman explains that, in the short run supply and demand alone determine the market, If we believe that to be true and that it applies to cryptoassets using blockchain technology as well as the stock market, then understanding the factors that will impact either supply or demand are of vital importance to both speculators and investors. In which case, there are a number of factors to consider when looking at crypto tokenomics. Perhaps the most important is to understand how the digital currency will be used. Is there a clear link between usage of the platform or service being built and the asset? If there is, there is a strong chance that a growing service will require purchases and usage that ultimately helps to increase the price.

Treasury Wallet

Treassury Wallet is used in Shibafam as the backbone of its infrastructure, Treasury helps Shibafam to sustain Price movement, fund future projects and build a stronger community. On every buy Treasury is funded with 1% and on every sell 5% is added.

Treasury Wallet Address : - 0x47ECf6e7C1BDA65cA52E544E69224c2f4bFA07Eb

Buyback Wallet

Crypto Market is volatile, Buyback Wallet will reduce the chances of huge Price fall by creating support in important price movement areas. On every buy 1% is added to the Buyback Wallet and on every sell 1% is added

Buyback Wallet Address : - 0xf1feDF1eED99BCFdf9D07Dba204B8ec870c0C3BF


Strong marketing will create successfull projects. Doing regular online marketing will give Shibafam a good chance of global adoption and will help alot in reaching its Moon mission. On every buy order 1% is added to the Marketing Wallet and on every sell 1% is added.

Marketing Wallet Address : - 0x593385BecCbfC99D1BB5eB02d8645F7c0a08307b

Liquidity Pool

Shibafam Liquidity Pool is on Pancakeswap, To sustain stability on each and every buy and sell 1% is added back to the Liquidity Pool


Phase 1

    The Begning
  • Token Deployment
  • Document Development
  • Website Launch
  • Presale Launch
  • Liquidity Locked
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Large Marketing Campaign
  • 10,000 NFT Collection on BSC
  • $5M Marketcap

Phase 2

    The Evolution
  • +40k members in Telegram group
  • 10k followers in Twitter
  • 10,000 holders
  • Partnerships with influencers (YouTube, Twitter, & TikTok)
  • $25M Market Cap
  • Coinmarketcap Listing

Phase 3

    The Prodigy
  • Listing on CEX
  • Charity to Save childrens
  • $100 Million Marketcap
  • +400K Community members
  • +100K Holders
  • $500 Million Marketcap


Security Audit

Applied for security Audit at onweb3.co


By Staking Shibafam token you will recive $SHFM as reward at an APY of 1200%. Staking smartcontract uses Liquidity Mining Protocol .

Staking Smartcontract

Staking smartcontract is deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network support any allowed Token to Stake and earn reward. Currently it supports only Shibfam. In future this smartcontract can be upgraded to include any Crypto token that has BEP20 protocol.

Reward Cycle

Reward cycle is 1 pool per month. The staked amount of Shibafam tokens can be unstaked at any time. There will be a 1% Liquidity Fee while unstaking the tokens.

APY Calculation

Shibafam has set its APY at 1200%. APY is backed by the Shibafam Buyback Wallet and Treassury Wallet. Reward distribution is calculated depending on the reward cycle. APY is calculated using this formula: APY= (1 + r/n )n- 1, where "r" is the stated annual interest rate and "n" is the number of compounding periods each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy $SHFM?

  1. Create MetaMask wallet: Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive Shibafam Token
  2. Send BNB to your wallet: You can buy BNB directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Make sure to use the BEP-20 network when transfering BNB.
  3. Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap: Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap by clicking "Connect to a wallet" and selecting MetaMask.
  4. Swap BNB for SHFM:You can start swapping as soon as you have BNB available! Press "Select a token" and enter the token address or search for it on the tokens list.

How to Stake $SHFM?

  1. First Make sure you have $SHFM and BNB Available in your Metamask wallet.
  2. Go to https://shibafam.co/stake/
  3. Navigate to "Live" Tab and select Reward Cycle that best Suits you.
  4. Click on Unlock Wallet button and press confirm on Metamask wallet pop up.
  5. Enter the desired amount of $SHFM that you want to stake
  6. Click Confirm and Click confirm on Metamask wallet pop up.
  7. Congrats you have succesfully Staked $SHFM

How to Unstake $SHFM?

  1. Make sure your Reward Cycle has completed.
  2. Go to https://shibafam.co/stake/
  3. Navigate to "Completed" Tab and select Reward Cycle that you have staked earlier.
  4. Click on "Unstake", click confirm on the Metamask wallet popup
  5. Congratulations you have unstaked succesfuly, you will recieve your $SHFM tokens and rewards in your Wallet

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Information Collected

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Risk Disclaimer

Please consider the following risk factors (many of which are specific and inherent to cryptographic tokens) before using any part of our website/platform and before purchasing and/or trading Shibafam cryptographic tokens or any other cryptographic token which we (or any third-party service provider accessed through our platform) may offer through our website/platform from time to time. The value of the tokens as well as your ability to access and transfer the tokens could be materially and adversely affected if any of these risk factors materialise. As a result, when you purchase tokens you expose yourself to considerable risk and potential financial losses. Please also note that this Risk Statement is not exhaustive. You should carry out further research (and seek professional advice) to carefully determine whether purchasing and/or trading tokens is suitable for your particular financial situation and risk tolerance. SUBJECT TO ANY PROVISION TO THE CONTRARY SET OUT IN OUR EULA, WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS INCURRED BY YOU RESULTING FROM YOUR ACCESS TO OUR PLATFORM OR FROM YOUR PURCHASE, TRANSFER OR USE OF TOKENS. TOKENS ARE HIGH-RISK ASSETS AND YOU SHOULD NEVER USE FUNDS THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE TO PURCHASE TOKENS. 1. PRICE VOLATILITY The price of tokens can be subject to dramatic fluctuations and high volatility due to the rapid shifts in offer and demand resulting from events such as but not limited to: (a) good or bad publicity, (b) changes in the financial technology industry, (c) technological advancement, (d) market trends, (e) general economic and/or political conditions, (f) degree of adoption, (g) degree of institutional support, (h) regulatory measures, (i) degree of government support, (l) market dynamics, (m) trading activities, (n) hacking, and (o) events affecting large service providers, including exchanges. AS A RESULT OF PRICE VOLATILITY, YOUR TOKENS MAY LOSE ALL VALUE AND BECOME WORTHLESS. WE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS INCURRED BY YOU AS A RESULT OF THE INHERENT PRICE-VOLATILITY OF TOKENS. 2. CRYPTOGRAPHIC WALLETS Tokens are stored on cryptographic wallets ("Wallets"). A private key (for example, a passphrase) is usually necessary to access, control and/or dispose of tokens that are stored in your Wallet. Losing access to the private key(s) associated with your Wallet may result in the permanent loss of your ability to access and dispose of your tokens. You are solely responsible for implementing all reasonable and appropriate measures for securing access to your private key(s) and Wallet. WE DO NOT HOLD COPIES OF YOUR PRIVATE KEY(S). WE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS RESULTING FROM YOUR INABILITY TO ACCESS YOUR WALLET AND/OR PRIVATE KEYS. 3. PROTOCOLS Tokens are recorded on distributed ledgers (typically shared across networks of users) which are governed by, subject to, and distinguished on the basis of certain set of rules known as protocols. 3.1 Malfunction, breakdown and/or abandonment of protocols Any malfunction, breakdown, and/or abandonment of the protocols (and of any consensus mechanism, where applicable) on which the tokens are based could severely affect the price of the tokens as well as your ability to dispose of the tokens (particularly where the protocol relies on substantial participation and wide networks to operate properly). 3.2 Mining attacks Some protocols integrate consensus-based mechanisms for the validation of transfers ("Consensus Protocols"). Consensus Protocols are, therefore, susceptible to attacks at the stage of validation, where the token transactions is approved by the network. This may affect the accuracy of transactions occurring on the protocol, and in your tokens being misappropriated (for example, through what is typically referred to as double spending attacks). 3.3 Hacking and security weaknesses Tokens may be subject to expropriation and/or theft. Bad actors (including hackers, groups and organisation) may attempt to interfere with the protocols or the tokens in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, sybil attacks, smurfing and spoofing. Furthermore, some protocols are based on open-source software and, as a result, subject to the risk of weakness being introduced to the protocols (either willingly or accidentally) at the development stage. Any such weakness may be exploited by bad actors for the purposes of misappropriating your tokens, or otherwise affect the functionality of the protocol and of your ability to dispose of your tokens. WE DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER THE PROTOCOLS. AS SUCH, WE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE PROTOCOLS. 4. LAWS AND REGULATIONS The legal and/or regulatory framework surrounding tokens and distributed ledger technology is uncertain, not harmonised, and unsettled in many jurisdictions. It is difficult to predict what framework will become applicable to tokens in the near future and how the implementation of dedicated legal and/or regulatory frameworks will affect the price of tokens. A newly introduced legal and regulatory framework may interfere with or otherwise limit your ability to hold or dispose of your tokens, which in turn could result in a financial loss on your part. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS WHICH YOU MAY SUFFER AS A RESULT OF ANY NEWLY INTRODUCED LEGAL AND/OR REGULATORY FRAMEWORK. 5. TAXATION The tax characterisation of tokens is complex and largely uncertain. The uncertainty in the tax treatment of tokens may expose you to unforeseen future tax consequences associated with purchasing, owning, selling or otherwise using tokens. You should seek tax advice to understand what tax obligations apply to you when purchasing, holding, transferring, and utilising tokens. Failure to comply with your tax obligations could result in severe fines and even jail time. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OR OTHER FORM OF LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY TAX LIABILITY THAT IS OR WILL BE APPLICABLE TO YOU. 6. UNANTICIPATED RISKS In addition to the risks included in this document, there are other risks associated with your purchase, holding, trading, and use of tokens, some of which we cannot anticipate. Such risks may further materialise as unanticipated variations or combinations of the risks discussed in this section. THIS RISK STATEMENT IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE AND SHALL NOT BE TAKEN TO ENCOMPASS ALL RISKS INVOLVED IN THE PURCHASE, HOLDING, TRADING AND USE OF TOKENS. SUBJECT TO THE TERMS OF THE EULA, WE SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS SUFFERED BY YOU AS A RESULT OF UNANTICIPATED RISKS.